A first introduction to OpenCV with Instant OpenCV Starter

OpenCV is a huge open source library with a great collection of computer vision algorithms. Even though it’s focused on computer vision, it can be used also for many other image processing tasks and it’s available on multiple platforms. This makes it very interesting if you’re working with images or videos, but whenever you need to start working with a new library, the first problem is learning a few basic things to get started quickly without wasting too much time on all the details and depending on your specific needs, you might not even use most of the algorithms in OpenCV.

This is where the Instant OpenCV Starter book might come in handy. I recently had a chance to review this book published by Packt Publishing and this is what you can expect from it:

  • a detailed explanation on how to get all your tools ready to get started with OpenCV in Windows and Linux
  • an introduction to the basic operations with images in OpenCV (loading, saving, resizing, pixel manipulation, color conversion)
  • a quick look at other tasks like image steganography, edge detection and real-time video processing via webcam

Here are other few things worth noting about this book:

  • it goes straight to the point letting you get started quickly with OpenCV
  • it’s short and easy to read (no time wasting)
  • it’s cheap

Of course, this book is for beginners. When you’ll be ready to explore more of OpenCV, you can focus on more advanced books. Code optimizations come with experience and it’s a good idea to avoid thinking about them when you’re getting started, just focus on the basics, the rest will come later.

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